Definition; Rear loading hydraulic garbage compactor

General; Body upfit consists of a body mounted on a chassis, a tailgate with compaction mechanism, dis- charging/ejection plate inside the body, container lifting device, hydraulic and electrical compo- nents and their installation on Garbage compactor

Body; Body Floor : St-52 (S355J2) / 4.0 mm or Hardox 450 Body Sides : St-52 (S355J2) / 3.0 mm - Round body side Without any U-profiles and traverses on body side or Hardox 450 Body Roof: St-52 (S355J2) / 3.0 mm

Dirty Water Tank; There is dirty water tank in front bottom of the body; Volume of dirty water tank is around 60-120 liter

Tailgate (Hopper); Steel Thickness (mm) : -Tailgate floor, Tailgate Extension inside to body St-52 (S355J2) / 6mm or hardox Material -Tailgate side bottom walls St-52 (S355J2) / 4.0 mm or hardox material -Other areas do not get into contact with garbage friction is from St-52 (S355JR) steel. Hopper Capacity (m3): Water level of tailgate is 1-1,5 m3 Safety Props (bar) : The tailgate is provided with safety props (manual) between the body and tail- gate for safety purposes during maintenance or cleaning

Discharge Plate; By means of ejector panel (discharging panel) activated with an hydraulic telescopic cylinder, eject- ing plate surface (where contact with the Garbage) made of 3mm St-52. Easy maintenance. Whole side of discharge plate is sealed with plastic

Compaction Plate; Compaction plate material is 4-5 mm ST52 / Hardox 450 Two compaction cyclinder is at the top of the body.

Bin Lift Systems ; Suitable for different types of containers. Specialized lifter mechanism Light, heavy, fast and user friendly lifting devices. Automized and manual controls.

Control : All devices for loading control are mounted on tailgate right side, operation and control is according to EN 1501-1 + A2 standards. Container lifting mechanism control is only by manual control (handles). Equipped with emergency stop button on both sides of tailgate which stops the movement and plus rescue button which stops and reverse the movement to the beginning position + 1 unit emer- gency stop button on body left side.

Hydraulic System ; Oil Tank : Around 90-180 lt. capacities, equipped with return filter, tank lid, and oil indicator. P.T.O. : Controlled inside the cab, original P.T.O. of the Truck. Working Pressure (bar): Average 180┬▒10 bar. Hydraulic Cylinder : 10 units of hydraulic cylinders and Telescopic Cylinder with 3 extensions. All the Hydraulic Cylinders are double-acting cylinders. The dimensions of cylinders are designed to accomplish the stipulated cycle times and compaction ratio. Pursuant to DIN 2391 C Norms. Compaction Ratio : The compaction ratio (volumetric) varies between 3:1 to 6:1 according to the characteristic of the garbage used in the area. Sealing: With special design leak-proof rubber seal between tailgate and the body.

Electrical System; Produced according to TS EN 1501 standart IP65 water proofed PLC or CanBus system (Option) User friendly