Installation Tool; Live animal loading and unloading platform. Anti-skid bottom 5 right and left cover guard to prevent animals from slipping.

Chassis; It will be made of st-52 material and there will be a sub-chassis under the body to which the axle group and hydraulic jack foot group are connected. Chassis arms lower flange will be made of 15x120 mm, core 5 mm St 52.3 material and will be connected to each other with sufficient number of sleepers. It will be ensured that the base sheet will also receive support from the lower chassis arms. In the front there will be the fifth wheel sheet made of 10 mm thick St 52.3 material and a king-pin of at least T size made of 42 crmo4 steel in DIN 740B3 standard.

Axle; a, there will be 3 (three) double scissor axle with a capacity of 12 tons. b.Automatic brake will be ratchet, c. The front axle will be of the inside-controlled front ear folded bellows type. d. It will be manufactured as a ten axle lifting system.

Suspension; It will be air bellows suspension type.

Front Axle Lift; Controlled front axle lifting system inside the cabin •Tires and Rims; There will be a suitable number of tires and rims for the suspension system. There will be 385/65 R22.5 tires and suitable rims. 1 spare tire and rim of each vehicle will be delivered to the administration together with the vehicle.

Electrical Equipment; The electrical equipment will be arranged in accordance with the original socket system on the tractor. There will be electrical equipment in accordance with SAE norms and highway traffic regulations, b. Socket with pins suitable for the original pin system on the tractor. There will be three side lights on each side, two orange reflectors on each side. There will be stop, signal, parking, license plate lights on the rear. c. There will also be a night work area lighting lamp and a yellow rotary lamp. d.7 pin socket three side lights on each side, two orange reflectors on each side, rear stop, 5 signal, parking, license plate lights,

Brake Equipment; There will be a two-line (service and emergency) air brake equipment in accordance with a.Sea norms, b. There will be air couplings and automatic servo distributor, c. There will be 2 air tanks with a minimum capacity of 40 liters, d. EBS will be a brake system, e. Respective and service (color bellows will be used. There will be brake bellows with 130 limbs.

Jack Settings; There will be two front and two back (independent front and rear) four parallel working, hydraulically controlled heavy duty type jacking feet with wide lugs.

Hydraulic Equipment The hydraulic equipment will consist of one of the hydraulic pumps connected to the diesel engine and the pto, an oil tank of 190 impulse, two rear cover opening cylinders, hydraulic legs at the front and rear, one curtain cylinder and one curtain sequencing lock cylinder and electro-hydraulic valve that sends oil to them. It will work automatically with electric wired and manual valves (with two options).

Color; It will be determined according to the customer's request.