Superstructure; 7.500 mm-9.500 mm front part is inclined, 2420 mm from the inside and 2550 mm from the outside, the side wall sheets are covered with "U". The tipper main chassis is formed by sealing 2 pieces of 200 NPU's mouth to mouth and boiling.

Hydraulic cylinder; The damper movement is carried out with a 5-stage Heavy-type telescopic cylinder that provides a 45 ┬░ tilt angle. The hydraulic oil tank has suction filter, damper pneumatic control, double speed lowering valve and limit control safety. The hydraulic connection between the trailer and the tractor is provided by 2 sockets.

Chassis; Strengthened "I" section main chassis are welded with 120/12 mm lower and upper flat plate and 5 mm core sheet by automatic submerged arc welding machine. These chassis are supported by connecting to each other with traverses against torsion.

Axle; 3 axles with 12 tons capacity are used. It has brake pads and heavy-duty type brake levers in accordance with TSE norms.

Suspension; Automatic bellows unloading system, Parabolic double-layer Z shears and shock absorbers.

Front Axle Lift; Controlled front axle lifting system inside the cabin.

Tires and Rims; 385/65 R 22,5 size 6 + 1 tubeless tire.

Electrical Equipment; It complies with SAE standards and TUV general regulation. Electricity is taken from the vehicle with a 7-pin socket. There are traffic warning and lights on both sides. There are rear parking, stop, signal, license plate lights, trailer reflectors and orange warning lights on the sides.

Brake System; According to EC Standards 71/320 / ewg brake system, Automatic brake ratchets, 2 service brake chambers with 4 help, 2S / 2M EBS against rollover, RSS (Balance Control System). Air leaks that may occur on the trailer are prevented with the Swedish patented Ruffels fitting system.

King Pin; 2 "It is manufactured from forged steel (42 Cr Mo 4) in accordance with SAE /DIN norms. Because of screw connections, it is possible to change it practically.

Paint; The chassis and superstructure are painted in the paint oven with Washing + Sanding + 2 + 1 coat Acrylic Paint.

Color; It will be determined according to the customer request.

Standard Accessories; Partial plastic fenders covering the rear axle group tires, 2 sheet metal tool boxes, Control Panel (Check-rust, air gauge, ramp handle), Plastic water tank, 1 spare wheel carrier with basket, Aluminum bicycle crash point, Chock and wedge place

Optional Features; European axle group and all kinds of equipment, Imported sheet metal (Domex), NPI section main chassis arms, Base covered with MDF or complete sheet metal, Aluminum rim, Double spare wheel carrier, Additional axle lifting, Lifting bumper, Fire extinguisher cabinet and tube, Optional Depending on the cover additions, Optional tire brand, Optional RAL color codes.